Shigehiro Ushiki = Some Papers

Julia Sets with Polyhedral Symmetries

Proceedings of the International Conference "Dynamical Systems and Related Topics", 3-7 September 1990, Nagoya, Japan.
Editor K.Shiraiwa, Advanced Series in Dynamical Systems Vol 9. pp515-538. World Scientific Publishing Company, Singapore, 1991.

Julia Sets with Polyhedral Symmetries

Fractals in the Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Proceedings of the First IFIP Conference on Fractals in the Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Lisbon, Prtugal, 6-8 June, 1990. pp425-442.
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Boettcher's Theorem and Super-Stable Manifolds for Multidimensional Complex Dynamical Systems

Advanced Series in Dynamical Systems, Vol.11, Proceedings of the RIMS Conference Structure and Bifurcations of Dynamical Systems 18-21 February 1991 Kyoto, ed. S.Ushiki. World Scientific, pp168-184, 1992.

Super-Stable Manifolds of Super-Saddle-Type Julia Sets in C^2

Advanced Series in Dynamical Systems, Vol.13, Proceedings of the RIMS Conference Chaotic Dynamical Systems, 7-10 July 1992, ed. S.Ushiki, World Scientific, pp165-180, 1993.

Complex Ruelle Operator and Hyperbolic Complex Dynamical Systems

RIMS Kokyuroku 1072,pp50-61, Invariants of Dynamical Systems and Applications, 1998.

Complex Ruelle Operator in a Parabolic Basin

RIMS Kokyuroku 1087,pp108-119, Research on Complex Dynamical Systems --- where it is and where it is going, 1999.

Fredholm Determinant of Complex Ruelle Operator, Ruelle's dynamical zeta-function, and forward/backward Collet-Eckmann Condition

RIMS Kokyuroku 1153, pp85-102, Comprehensive Research on Complex Dynamical Systems and Related Fields, 2000.

Complex Gibbs Measures for Complex Dynamical Systems and Eigen-hyperfunctions of Complex Ruelle Operator

RIMS Kokyuroku 1179, pp69-82, New Developments in Dynamical Systems, 2000.

Second Julia sets of complex dynamical systems in C^2
-- computer visualization --

Exploration of Complex He'non Dynamics

Research on Complex Dynamics and Related Fields, December 6-10, 2010,
edited by Hiroki Sumi, RIMS Kokyuroku 1762, pp100-111.
September 2011, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan.

Critical points and Julia sets of complex He'non maps

Coexisting attractive cycles in He'non dynamics

Siegel ball and Reinhardt domain in complex He'non dynamics

Abundance of Siegel balls in a family of complex He'non maps

Parabolic Bifurcation of area-preserving He'non maps

Anti-conjugacy of complex dynamical systems and slices of rotation domains

An elementary approach to invariant cubic curves of surface automorphisms

Affluence of Siegel balls in surface automorphisms

Reversible complex dynamical systems and exotic rotation domains

Julia set of a surface automorphism of positive entropy an example of J* =/= J

Twist dynamics of rational surface