Preprint 2004

  1. The number of algebraic cycles with bounded degree.
    by MORIWAKI, Atsushi
  2. Existence and Quasiconformal Deformations of Transversely Holomorphic Foliations.
    by Taro ASUKE
  3. Zeros of symmetric laurent polynomials of type $(BC)_n$ and self-dual Koornwinder-Macdonald polynomials specialized at $t^{k+1}q^{r-1} = 1$.
    by Masahiro KASATANI
  4. A characterization of symmetric tube domains by convexity of cayley transform images.
    by Chifune KAI and Takaaki NOMURA
  5. Canonical heights, invariant currents, and dynamical systems of morphisms associated with line bundles.
    by Shu KAWAGUCHI
  6. Canonical height functions defined on the affine plane associated with regular polynomial automorphisms.
    by Shu KAWAGUCHI
  7. Rigorous computations of homoclinic tangencies.
    by Zin ARAI and Konstantin MISCHAIKOW
  8. Infinitesimal Torelli theorem for surfaces with ¥¥ $c^2_1=3$, $¥chi=2$, and the torsion group $¥mathbb{Z}/3$. (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Masaaki MURAKAMI
  9. The Elementary Transformation of vector bundles on regular schemes.
    by Takuro ABE
  10. L-S category of quasi-projective spaces.
    by Daisuke KISHIMOTO Akira KONO
  11. Unstable $K^1$-group $[¥Sigma^{2n-2}¥mathbb{C}P^2, U(n)]$ and homotopy type of certain gauge groups.
    by Hiroaki HAMANAKA and Akira KONO
  12. Cohomology of the classifying spaces of gauge groups over 3-manifolds in low dimensions.
    by Shizuo KAJI
  13. Cohomology of the classifying spaces of loop groups.
    by Daisuke KISHIMOTO and Akira KONO
  14. Homotopy type of gauge groups of SU(3)-bundles over $¥mathrm{S}^6$.
    by Hiroaki HAMANAKA and Akira KONO
  15. Interacting maps, symbolic dynamics and automorphisms in microscopic scale.
    by Tsuyoshi KATO
  16. Metric Riemannian geometry.
    by Kenji FUKAYA
  17. Application of Floer homology of Langrangian submanifolds to symplectic topology.
    by Kenji FUKAYA
  18. Reconstructions of distances by energy forms.
    by Shin-ichi OHTA
  19. The zero-in-the-spectrum conjecture and finitely presented groups.
    by Shin-ichi OGUNI
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