Preprint 2002

  1. On a subfactor analogue of the second cohomology
    by Masaki Izumi and Hideki Kosaki
  2. Characterization of isomorphic group-subgroup subfactors
    by Masaki Izumi
  3. Capelli identities for the dual pair $(O_M,Sp_N)$ (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Minoru Itoh
  4. Finite group actions on C*-algebras with the Rohlin property, I
    by Masaki Izumi
  5. Entropy of subshifts and the Macaev norm
    by Rui Okayasu
  6. Multivalued More theory, Asymptotic Analysis (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Kenji Fukaya
  7. A certain Galois action on nearly homolophic modular forms with respect to a unitary group in three variables (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Atsuo YAMAUCHI
  8. Probability distribution of metric measure spaces (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Takefumi Kondo
  9. Geometric Norm Equality Related to the Harmonicity of the Poisson Kernel for Homogeneous Siegel Domains (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Takaaki NOMURA
  10. Finite group actions on C*-algebras with the Rohlin property. II
    by Masaki Izumi
  11. Anticanonical divisors of a moduli space of parabolic vector bundles of half weight on $¥mathbb{P}^1$
    by Takeshi ABE
  12. Mumford curves with maximal automorphism group II: Lame type groups in genus 5-8 (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Gunther Cornelissen and Fumiharu Kato
  13. Galois symmetry on Floer cohomology (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Kenji FUKAYA
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