Preprint 1996

  1. On Upperbounds of Virtual Mordell-Weil Ranks
    by Khac Viet NGUYEN
  2. Floer Homology A-infinity Categories and Topological Field Theory (Not Available)
    by Kenji FUKAYA
  3. Zero Loop Open Strings in the Cotangent Bundle and Morse Homotopy
    by Kenji FUKAYA & Yon-Geun OH
  4. Arnold Conjecture and Gromov-Witten Invariant for General Symplectic Manifolds(Not Available)
    by Kenji FUKAYA & Kaoru ONO
  5. A Sharp Slope Inequality for General Stable Fibrations of Curves
    by Atsushi MORIWAKI
  6. Bosonic Representations of Yangian Double DY_h(g) with g=gl_N, sl_N
    by Kenji IOHARA
  7. D-gonality of Modular Curves and Bounding Torsions
    by Khac Viet NGUYEN & Masa-Hiko SAITO
  8. Introduction to Conformal Field Theory with Gauge Symmetries
    by Kenji UENO
  9. Sur une Formule des Caracteres pour les Algebres de Kac-Moody Symetrisables
    by Kenji IOHARA
  10. Cycles on the Moduli Space of Abelian Varieties
    by Gerard van der GEER
  11. Various Domain Constants Related to the Uniform Perfectness
    by Toshiyuki SUGAWA
  12. Linear Grading Function and Further Reduction of Normal Forms
    by Hiroshi KOKUBU, Hiroe OKA & Duo WANG
  13. Connecting Orbit Structure of Monotone Solutions in the Shadow System
    by Hiroshi KOKUBU at al.
  14. On Height Functions on Jacobian Surfaces
    by Kentaro YOSHITOMI
  15. The Homology Mod 3 of the Space of Loops on the Exceptional Lie Groups and the Adjoint Action
    by Hiroaki HAMANAKA & Shin-ichiro HARA
  16. On Maps from BS^1 to Classifying Spaces of Certain Gauge Groups
    by Shuichi TSUKUDA
  17. Existence of infinitely many homoclinic doubling bifurcations from some codimension three homoclinic orbits
    by Hiroshi KOKUBU & Vincent NAUDOT
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