Preprint 2007

  1. Continuity of volumes on arithmetic varieties
    by Atsushi MORIWAKI
  2. Subsheaves of a Hermitian torsion free coherent sheaf on an arithmetic variety
    by Atsushi MORIWAKI
  3. On the Hamiltonian structures of the second and the fourth Painleve hierarchies, and the degenerate Garnier systems
    by Tatsuya KOIKE
  4. Homotopy Nilpotency in Localized Groups
    by Shizuo KAJI and Daisuke KISHIMOTO
  5. Auslander-Reiten Theory and noncommutative projective schemes
    by Hiroyuki MINAMOTO
  6. A Characterization of Symmetric Cones by an Order-Reversing Property of the Pseudoinverse Maps
    by Chifune KAI
  7. Gap of Depths of Leaves on Codimension One Foliations
    by Hiroko MURAI
  8. Samelson Products in Sp (2)
    by Hiroaki HAMANAKA, Shizuo KAJI, and Akira KONO
  9. Spectral Density Functions of General Modules Over Finite von Neumann Algebras and Their Applications
    by Shin-ichi OGUNI
  10. Mean Dimension of the Unit Ball in $¥ell^p$
    by Masaki TSUKAMOTO
  11. Heat kernel estimates for strongly recurrent random walk on random media
    by Takashi KUMAGAI and Jun MISUMI
  12. Moduli Space of Brody Curves, Energy and Mean Dimension
    by Masaki TSUKAMOTO
  13. Application of Gr¥"{o}bner Bases to the Cup-Length of Oriented Grassmann Manifolds
    by Tomohiro FUKAYA
  14. On the dichotomy in the heat kernel two sided estimates
    by Alexander GRIGOR'YAN and Takashi KUMAGAI
  15. The Moduli Space of Polynomial Maps of One Complex Variable
    by Toshi SUGIYAMA
  16. A note on Markov type constants
    by Shin-ichi OHTA and Mikaël PICHOT
  17. Asymptotics for the Wiener sausage among Poissonian obstacles
    by Ryoki Fukushima
  18. Replica overlap and covering time for the Wiener sausages among Poissonian obstacles
    by Ryoki Fukushima
  19. Heat kernel estimates for truncated stable-like processes and weighted Poincar¥'e inequality
    by Zhen-Qing CHEN , Panki KIM and Takashi KUMAGAI
  20. Deformation of Brody curves and mean dimension
    by Masaki TSUKAMOTO
  21. Local quotient stacks
    by Isamu IWANARI
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