Preprint 2008

  1. Random walks on Galton-Watson trees with infinite variance offspring distribution conditioned to survive
    by David CROYDON and takashi KUMAGAI
  2. Finsler interpolation inequalities
    by Shin-ichi OHTA
  3. Deformations of real rational dynamics in tropical geometry
    by Tsuyoshi KATO
  4. Symmetric jump processes: localization, heat kernels, and convergence
    by Richard.F. BASS,Moritz KASSMANN and Takashi KUMAGAI
  5. Homotopy nilpotency in localized SU(n)
    by Daisuke KISHIMOTO
  6. Brownian survival and Lifshitz tail in Frenkel disorder
    by Ryoki FUKUSHIMA
  7. Asymptotic Distribution of Critical Values
    by Tomohiro FUKAYA and Masaki TSUKAMOTO
  8. An alternative proof of Berg and Nikolaev's characterization of CAT(0)-spaces via quadrilateral inequality
    by Takashi SATO
  9. Convergence of symmetric Markov chains on Zd
    by Richard F. BASS, Takashi KUMAGAI and Toshihiro UEMURA
  10. Heat flow on Finsler manifolds
    by Shin-ichi OHTA and Karl-Theodor STURM
  11. A priori H¥"{o}lder estimate, parabolic Harnack principle and heat kernel estimates for diffusions with jumps
    by Zhen-Qing CHEN and Takashi KUMAGAI
  12. On low dimensional Ricci limit spaces
    by Shouhei HONDA
  13. Bishop-Gromov type inequality on Ricci limit spaces
    by Shouhei HONDA
  14. Diffusion on the scaling limit of the critical percolation cluster in the diamond hierarchical lattice
    by Ben M. HAMBLY and Takashi KUMAGAI
  15. A note on Samelson products in the exceptional Lie groups
    by Hiroaki HAMANAKA and Akira KONO
  16. Uniqueness of Brownian motion on Sierpinski carpets
    by M.T. Barlow, R.F. Bass, T.Kumagai and A. Teplyaev
  17. On injectivity, vanishing and torsion-free theorems
    by Osamu FUJINO
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