Preprint 1998

  1. On group topologies and unitary representations of inductive limits of topological groups and the case of the group of diffeomorphisms (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Nobuhiko Tatsuuma, Hiroaki Shimomura & Takeshi Hirai
  2. Explicit Newton's formulas for gl_n (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Minoru Itoh
  3. Determination of Kazhdan constants for certain groups (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Taku Toriyama
  4. Inequalities for semistable families of arithmetic varieties (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Shu Kawaguchi & Atsushi Moriwaki
  5. Hodge index theorem for arithmetic divisors with degenerate Green functions (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Atsushi Moriwaki
  6. Generic isotropy subgroups of irreducible prehomogeneous vector spaces with relative invariants (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Akihiko Sasada
  7. Growth and coefficient estimates for uniformly locally univalent functions on the unit disk (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Yong Chan Kim & Toshiyuki Sugawa
  8. Floer homology of Lagrangian Foliation and Noncommutative Mirror symmetry I (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Kenji FUKAYA
  9. Fiber structure on infinite groups and higher signatures
    by Tsuyoshi Kato
  10. Mirror symmetry of Abelian variety and Multi Theta functions (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Kenji FUKAYA
  11. On a system of differential equations for modular forms of level four (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Toshiyuki Mano
  12. Frobenius Manifolds And Virasoro Constraints
    by Boris Dubrovin & Youjin Zhang
  13. The norm estimates of pre-Schwarzian derivatives of spiral-like functions
    by Yusuke Okuyama
  14. Intersection pairing for arithmetic cycles with degenerate Green currents
    by Atsushi Moriwaki
  15. Arithmetic height functions over finitely generated fields
    by Atsushi Moriwaki
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