Preprint 1997

  1. Homology ring mod 2 of Free Loop Groups of Spinor Groups
    by Hiroaki Hamanaka
  2. Floer homology for 3 manifolds with boundary 1(NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Kenji Fukaya
  3. Asymptotic Distribution of Eigenvalues for Pauli Operators with Nonconstant Magnetic Fields
    by Akira Iwatsuka & Hideo Tamura
  4. Order of decay of solutions of certain second order differential equations at infinity
    by Tetsumi Yoshinaga
  5. A natural horseshoe-breaking family which has a period doubling bifurcation as the first bifurcation
    by Masayuki Asaoka
  6. Homotopy type of Map(S^4,BSU(2)) and classifying spaces of gauge groups
    by Shuichi Tsukuda
  7. Relative Bogomolov's inequality
    by Atsushi Moriwaki
  8. A Linear Programming Approach to Attainable Cramer-Rao type Bound and Randomness condition
    by Masahito Hayashi
  9. Asymptotic estimation theory for a finite dimensional pure state model
    by Masahito Hayashi
  10. Asymptotic Attainment for Quantum Relative Entropy
    by Masahito Hayashi
  11. Representation varieties and character varieties
    by Kazunori Nakamoto
  12. A counterexample to C^1 Palis conjecture
    by Masayuki Asaoka
  13. Constructing TQFTs from Modular Functors (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Jakob Grove
  14. Casson's knot invariant and Gauge theory
    by Masataka Kaneko
  15. Uniform perfectness of the limit sets of Kleinian groups
    by Toshiyuki Sugawa
  16. An explicit bound for uniform perfectness of the Julia sets of rational maps
    by Toshiyuki Sugawa
  17. Asymptotic Distribution of Negative Eigenvalues for Two Dimensional Pauli Operators with Nonconstant Magnetic Fields
    by Akira Iwatsuka & Hideo Tamura
  18. Relative Bogomolov's inequality in the arithmetic case
    by Shu Kawaguchi & Atsushi Moriwaki
  19. An estimate of genus of links
    by Manabu Akaho
  20. Markov covers and finiteness of periodic attractors for diffeomorphisms with a dominated splitting
    by Masayuki Asaoka
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