Preprint 1999

  1. Invariant Berezin transforms (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Takaaki NOMURA
  2. Height and arithmetic intersection for a family of semi-stable curves (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Shu KAWAGUCHI
  3. Fusion Algebras For $N=1$ Superconformal Field Theories Through Coinvariants $I$: $\hat{osp}(1|2)$-symmetr
    by Kenji IOHARA and Yoshiyuki KOGA
  4. Special Imaginary Roots of Kac-Moody Algebras and The Case of Hyperbolic Type (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Daisuke SAGAKI
  5. Positive Riesz distributions on homogeneous cones
    by Hideyuki ISHI
  6. The continuity of Deligne's pairing (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Atsushi MORIWAKI
  7. Bogomolov's Conjecture for Hyperelliptic Curves over Function Fields (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Kazuhiko YAMAKI
  8. Fusion Algebras For $N=1$ Superconformal Field Theories Through Coinvariants $II$: $N=1$ super Virasoro symmetry
    by Kenji IOHARA and Yoshiyuki KOGA
  9. Representations of the affine transformation groups acting simply transitively on Siegel domains
    by Hideyuki ISHI
  10. Rational surfaces associated with affine root systems and geometry of the Painlev\'e equations
    by Hidetaka SAKAI
  11. Blow -ups of $\mathbf{P}^2$ and Root Systems of type D
    by Jun-ichi MATSUZAWA and Akiko OMURA
  12. The Casson-Walker invariants and Arnold's 14 exceptional singularities
    by Takaaki HATANAKA and Jun-ichi MATSUZAWA
  13. The linear representations of some "big" groups (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by R.S. Ismagilov
  14. The structure of sectors associated with the Longo-Rehren inclusions I. General theory
    by Masaki IZUMI
  15. Floer homology and Mirror symmetry I (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Kenji FUKAYA
  16. Floer homology and Gromov-Witten invariant over integer of general symplectic manifolds - summary -(NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Kenji FUKAYA and Kaoru Ono
  17. A generalization of conjectures of Bogomolov and Lang over finitely generated fields
    by Atsushi MORIWAKI
  18. Hofer's Symplectic Energy and Lagrangian Intersections in Contact Geometry (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Manabu AKAHO
  19. The canonical arithmetic height of subvarieties of an abelian variety over a finitely generated field
    by Atsushi MORIWAKI
  20. On homotopy-associative H-spaces with torsion (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Akira KONO and Osamu NISHIMURA
  21. Homoclinic-doubling cascades
    by A. J. Homburg, H. Kokubu and V. Naudot
  22. Chaotic solutions in slowly varying perturbations of Hamiltonian systems with applications to shallow water sloshing
    by T. Gedeon, H. Kokubu, K. Mischaikow and H. Oka
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