Preprint 1995

  1. On the space of schlicht projective structures on compact Riemann surfaces with boundary
    by Toshiyuki Sugawa
  2. Existence of infinitely many connecting orbits in a singularly perturbed ordinary differential equation
    by Hiroshi Kokubu, Konstantin Mischaikow & Hiroe Oka
  3. An extension of the stability index for travelling wave solutions and its application for bifurcations
  4. Base of Bethe Vectors and Difference Equations with Regular Singular Points
    by Vitaly TARASOV & Alexander VERCHENKO
  5. Morse homotopy and Chern-Simons Perturbation Theory
    by Kenji FUKAYA
  6. K-spherical representations for Gelfand pairs associated to solvable Lie groups
    by Katsuhiko KIKUCHI
  7. A Remark on the Homotopy Type of the Classifying Space of Certain Gauge Groups
    by Shuichi TSUKUDA
  8. Notes on the Group of S^1 Equivariant Homeomorphisms
    by Shuichi TSUKUDA
  9. Signature defects ans Eta functions of Degenetations of Abelian Varieties
    by Shoetsu OGATA & Masa-Hiko SAITO
  10. Another look at the differential operators on quantum matrix spaces and its applications
    by Toru UMEDA & Masato WAKAYAMA
  11. Donsker's delta functions and approximation of heat kernels by the time descretization methods
    by Yaozhong HU & Shinzo WATANABE
  12. Symplectic S-Cobordism Conjecture -- Summary --
    by Kenji FUKAYA
  13. Bogomolov Conjecture for Curves of Genus 2 over Function Fields
    by Atsushi MORIWAKI
  14. Root Lattices and Pencils of Varieties
    by Helena VERRILL
  15. Homotopy-commutativity in rotation groups
    by Hiroaki HAMANAKA
  16. A q-analog of the sixth Painleve equation
    by Michio JIMBO & Hidetaka SAKAI
  17. Informal note on Topology, Geometory and Topological Field Theory (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Kenji FUKAYA
  18. Adjoint actions on the modulo 5 homology greoups of E_8 and loop E_8
    by Hiroaki HAMANAKA, Shin-ichiro HARA & Akira KONO
  19. Hodge index theorem for arithmetic cycles of codimension one
    by Atsushi MORIWAKI
  20. Remarks on S.Lang's conjecture over funtion fields
    by Atsushi MORIWAKI
  21. Homology ring mod 2 of free loop groups of exceptional Lie groups
    by Hiroaki HAMANAKA
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