Preprint 2006

  1. On the finiteness of abelian varieties with bounded modular height
    by Atsushi MORIWAKI
  2. Alcove path and Nichols-Woronowicz model of K-theory on flag varieties
    by Toshiaki MAENO
  3. Entropy comparisons and codings on interacting maps
    by Tsuyoshi KATO
  4. Deformation theory of rigid-analytic spaces (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Isamu IWANARI
  5. The stability of the family of A2-type arrangements
    by Takuro ABE
  6. A note on the Bergman metric of bounded homogeneous domains
    by Chifune KAI and Takeo OHSAWA
  7. Ricci curvature and almost spherical multi-suspension
    by Shouhei HONDA
  8. A packing problem for holomorphic curves
    by Masaki TSUKAMOTO
  9. Growth of Casson handles and transversality for ASD moduli spaces
    by Tsuyoshi KATO
  10. On loops in the hyperbolic loci of the complex Hénon maps
    by Zin ARAI
  11. Markov type of Alexandrov spaces of nonnegative curvature
    by Shin-ichi OHTA
  12. On holomorphic curves in algebraic torus
    by Masaki Tsukamoto
  13. Toroidal geometry and Deligne-Mumford stacks (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Isamu IWANARI
  14. Rigidity of log morphisms
    by Atsushi MORIWAKI
  15. Spin structures on instanton moduli spaces
    by Yasuhiko KAMIYAMA and Daisuke KISHIMOTO
  16. Samelson products of SO(3)and applications
    by Yasuhiko KAMIYAMA, Daisuke KISHIMOTO, Akira KONO and Shuichi TSUKUDA
  17. Fixed-Point Property for CAT(0) Spaces
    by Takefumi Kondo
  18. An expression of harmonic vector fields on hyperbolic 3-cone-manifolds in terms of hypergeometric functions - computational details
    by Michihiko Fujii and Hiroyuki Ochiai
  19. Gradient flows on Wasserstein spaces over compact Alexandrov spaces
    by Shin-ichi OHTA
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