Preprint 1994

  1. On Gelfand pairs associated with nilpotent Lie groups
    by Katsuhiko KIKUCHI
  2. The quasi-sure existence of solutions for differential equations on Wiener space
    by Yong Sik YUN
  3. On the local Hamiltionian structure of vextor feilds
    by Patrick Crehan
  4. On the Hamiltonian structure of non-conservative flows on R
    by Patrick Crehan
  5. On equivalence of product measures by random translation
  6. On Mordell-Weil Lattices of Higher Genus Fibrations on Rational Surfaces
    by Masa-Hiko Saito & Ken-Ichi Sakakibara
  7. Log Smooth Deformation Theory
    by Fumiharu Kato
  8. A topological proof of Bott periodicity theorem and a characterization of BU
    by Akira KONO & Ken-ichi TOKUNAGA
  9. A topological characterization of SU
    by Ken-ichi TOKUNAGA
  10. Involution and anti involution on Hopf spaces (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Hiroaki Hamanaka
  11. Gauge theory on 4-manifold with corners (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Kenju Fukaya
  12. Lipschitz Construction of Infinite Groups and Higher Signatures
    by Tsuyoshi KATO
  13. The adjoint action of the Dwyer-Wilkerson H-space on its loop space (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Akira Kono & Kazumoto Kozima
  14. Universal Drinfeld-Sokolov Reduction and Matrices of Complex Size (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Boris Khesin & Feodor Malikov
  15. Morse function and attaching map (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Kouyemon Iriye & Akira Kono
  16. On Conformal Field Theory
    by Kenji UENO
  17. Neron-Severi group for torus quasi bundles over curves
    by Vasile Brinzanescu & Kenji Ueno
  18. Benard-Marangoni convection with a deformable surface (NOT AVAILABLE)
    by Takao Iohara
  19. Q-structure of conformal field theory with gauge symmetries
    by Kenji Ueno
  20. N-homoclinic bifurcations for homoclinic orbits changing its twisting
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