Preprint 2010

  1. Minimal model theory for log surfaces
    by Osamu FUJINO
  2. Minimality of hyperplane arrangements and basis of local system cohomology
    by Masahiko YOSHINAGA
  3. Global heat kernel estimates for symmetric jump processes
    by Z.-Q.CHEN,P.KIM and Takashi KUMAGAI
  4. On the Johnson filtration of the basis-conjugating automorphism group of a free group
    by Takao SATOH
  5. On the lower central series of a free abelian by polynilpo tent group
    by Takao SATOH
  6. Structures of AS-regular algebras
    by Hiroyuki MINAMOTO and Izuru MORI
  7. An open four-manifold having no instanton
    by Masaki TSUKAMOTO
  8. On images of weak Fano manifolds
    by Osamu FUJINO and Yoshinori GONGYO
  9. Supplements to non-lc ideal sheaves
    by Osamu FUJINO, Karl SCHWEDE and Shunsuke TAKAGI
  10. Displacement convexity of generalized entropies
    by Shin-ichi OHTA and Asuka TAKATSU
  11. Boundedness of the successive minima on arithmetic varieties
    by Hideaki IKOMA
  12. Zariski Decompositions on Arithmetic Surfaces
    by Atsushi MORIWAKI
  13. Big Arithmetic Divisors on the Projective Spaces Over $¥mathbb Z$
    by Atsushi MORIWAKI
  14. Geometric Bogomolov conjecture for abelian varieties and some results for those with some degeneration(with an appendix by Walter Gubler:The minimal dimension of a canonical measure)
    by Kazuhiko YAMAKI
  15. Heat flow on Alexandrov spaces
    by Nicola GIGLI, Kazumasa KUWADA and Shin-ichi OHTA
  16. Handle attaching in wrapped Floer homology and brake orbits in classical Hamiltonian systems
    by Kei IRIE
  17. Discrete Approximation of Symmetric Jump Processes on Metric Measure Spaces
    by Z.-Q.CHEN,P.KIM and Takashi KUMAGAI
  18. Non-contraction of heat flow on Minkowski spaces
    by Shin-ichi OHTA and Karl-Theodor STURM
  19. On canonical bundle formulae and subadjunctions
    by Osamu FUJINO and Yoshinori GONGYO
  20. Semi-stable minimal model program for varieties with trivial canonical divisor
    by Osamu FUJINO
  21. On the augmentation quotients of the IA-automporphism group of a free group and a free metabelian group
    by Takao SATOH
  22. A remarkable ${¥sigma}$-finite measure unifying supremum penalisations for a stable L¥'evy process
    by Yuko YANO
  23. On the derivation algebra of the free Lie algebra and trace maps
    by Naoya ENOMOTO and Takao SATOH
  24. New series in the Johnson cokernels of the mapping class groups of surfaces
    by Naoya ENOMOTO and Takao SATOH
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