Journal articles (MathSciNet and arXiv)

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Preprint (arXiv)

  1. Mohammed Abouzaid, Sheel Ganatra, Hiroshi Iritani, Nick Sheridan, The Gamma and Stromiger-Yau-Zaslow Conjectures: a tropical approach to periods , arXiv.1809.02177,
  2. Tom Coates, Hiroshi Iritani, Gromov-Witten Invariants of Local P2 and Modular Forms, arXiv:1804.03292,
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  6. Hiroshi Iritani, tt*-geometry in quantum cohomology, arXiv:0906.1307,
  7. Hiroshi Iritani, Real and integral structures in quantum cohomology I: toric orbifolds, arXiv.0712.2204

Other articles

  1. Constructing mirrors via shift operators (July 2015), talk at AMS summer institute in Algebraic Geometry, Salt Lake City, Utah
  2. Wall-crossings in toric Gromov-Witten theory (June 2009) talk slides, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Workshop on Mirror Symmetry and Related Topics
  3. The S1 equivariant cohomology of the Universal Covering of Free Loop Spaces (April 2003), part of my master thesis

Articles in Japanese

  1. 量子コホモロジーのガンマ構造について (On the Gamma structure of quantum cohomology), 数学,第68巻,第4号 (2016) 337-360
  2. トーリック多様体のミラー対称性 (Mirror symmetry for toric varieties), 日本数学会秋季総合分科会,幾何学分科会特別講演 (2015) 予稿
  3. Fano多様体のガンマ予想 (Gamma conjecture for Fano manifolds), ミラー対称性の展望,数理解析研究所講究録,1918 (2014) 71-87
  4. 量子コホモロジーにおけるK理論整構造とミラー対称性 (K-theory integral structure in quantum cohomology and mirror symmetry), 代数幾何学城崎シンポジウム(2010)予稿集
  5. 量子コホモロジーの整構造について (Integral structures in quantum cohomology), 可積分系に関わる幾何学の研究, 数理解析研究所講究録,1605 (2008) 22-32.
  6. 量子D加群の大域的構造 (A global structure of quantum D-modules), 日本数学会秋季総合分科会,幾何学分科会特別講演 (2006) 予稿
  7. トーリック多様体に付随するq差分系 (A q-difference system associated with a toric variety), Symplectic Varieties and related topics, Hokkaido University (2005) 予稿 (未出版)
  8. アルカンの構造異性体の組合せ論的数え上げ (The combinatorial enumeration of structural isomers of alkanes), Journal of Chemical Software Vol 5, (1999) No 2, 65-80