Zhenqing Chen教授 スーパーグローバルコース数学特別講演

スーパーグローバル大学創成支援事業の数学系ユニットでは、Zhenqing Chen教授(University of Washington)による数学特別講演を下記のとおり開催します。

2019年3月25日(月) 13:00〜15:00
2019年3月29日(金) 13:00〜15:00
2019年4月5日(金) 10:00〜12:00
2019年4月12日(金) 13:00〜15:00
2019年4月17日(水) 13:00〜15:00
Zhenqing Chen氏(University of Washington)
題 目
Stochastic Komatu-Loewner Evolutions
概 要
Loewner equation is a differential equation for conformal mappings that can be used to describe evolution of a family of simply connected planar domains. It was introduced by C. Loewner in 1923 in his work on the Bieberbach conjecture. Oded Schramm observed and conjectured in 2000 that scaling limit of many two-dimensional lattice models in statistical physics can be described by Loewner evolutions with Brownian motions as the driving function. Many of these conjectures are latter confirmed in a series of joint work by G. Lawler, O. Schramm and W. Werner and by S. Smirnov.
On the other hand, Y. Komatu extended Loewner equation to circularly slit annuli in 1950 but in the left derivative sense. The aim of this series of lectures is to survey some recent progress in the study of Komatu-Loewner evolutions and its stochastic counterpart in the canonical slit domains, with emphasis on probabilistic methods.
  • Lecture 1: Conformal mapping and Brownian motion with darning
  • Lecture 2: Komatu-Loewner differential equations for multiply connected domains
  • Lecture 3: Induced slit motions and Komatu-Loewner evolution
  • Lecture 4: Stochastic Komatu-Loewner differential equation
  • Lecture 5: SKLE and SLE
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