Nigel Higson教授 スーパーグローバルコース数学特別講演会

スーパーグローバル大学創成支援事業の数学系ユニットでは、Nigel Higson教授(ペンシルベニア州立大学)による数学特別講演会を下記のとおり開催します。

2019年6月20日(木) 10:30~11:30
Nigel Higson氏(ペンシルベニア州立大学)
題 目
Integral equations, the spectral theorem and an introduction to noncommutative geometry
概 要
Hilbert's theory of integral equations, now over one handred years old, is a famously successful marriage of matrix algebra and analysis. One way to view Alain Connes' much newer noncommutative geometry is to see it as an evolution of the theory of integral equations that incorporates geometric ideas into Hilbert's work. I shall try to develop this perspective in my lecture. I will focus on one construction of Connes, which relates integral equations to Weyl's asymptotic law, the Atiyah-Singer index theorem, and more.
言 語