A study on 4-manifolds with Euler characteristic 3

2024/02/09 金 10:00 - 11:00
Jongil Park
Seoul National University

概要:The geography problem on 4-manifolds with Euler characteris-
tic 3 has long been studied in algebraic geometry and topology, but
it is still mysterious so that there are many unsolved problems left.
In this talk, we introduce some open problems in this field which
might be solved and might not be solved in near future. In particu-
lar, we'd like to review the following two topics and to report some
recent progress.
1. Smooth/symplectic fake projective planes and the existence
of exotic smooth structures on CP^2, S^2 × S^2 and CP^2 ♯ ¥bar{CP}^2.
2. Existence problem of minimal Lefschetz fibrations over T2
with 3 singular fibers.
3. (Algebraic) Montgomery-Yang problem.

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