Generalized Fateev-Zamolodchikov-Zamolodchikov dualities and Gaiotto-Rapcak’s VOAs

2021/05/06 木 10:30 - 12:00
Yasuaki Hikida
YITP, Kyoto University

About two decades ago, Fateev, Zamolodchikov and Zamolodchikov (FZZ) conjectured a strong/weak duality between two dimensional conformal field theories, SL(2)/U(1) coset model and sine-Liouville theory. Recently, we have succeeded to generalize the FZZ-duality by extending its original derivation done with Schomerus. The generalized FZZ-dualities can be regarded as a conformal field theoretic realization of dualities among VOAs conjectured by Gaiotto and Rapcak via brane junctions in string theory. In this talk, I will explain how to derive the generalized FZZ-dualities and relation to the Gaiotto-Rapcak’s dualities.


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