One-sided Markov additive processes: scale matrices and their applications

2019/03/22 Fri 13:00 - 14:30
Zbigniew Palmowski
Wroclaw University

A Markov additive process can be seen as a Lévy process modulated by a Markov chain with additional jumps at phase switching epochs, where all jumps are of the same sign. This talk at the beginning will focus on some basic theory for one-sided Markov additive processes (possibly with an upper and a lower barrier, where each can be either reflecting or terminating). We will consider the three fundamental matrices: the right-, the left-solution of a certain matrix equation, and the linking matrix of expected occupation times at zero. Moreover, we will construct the so-called scale (matrix-valued) functions and discuss exit problems, potential measures and Wiener-Hopf factorization. Finally, we also show possible applications in applied probability intimately related with financial mathematics, risk theory and queueing theory. In particular, we will focus on a functional discounting and Poisson observations. Prior knowledge of Lévy processes will not be assumed, but will render this talk easier to follow.

The talk is based on the following papers:

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