LeFloch氏 連続講演会

2022/10/06 木 - 2022/10/06 木

Philippe G. LeFloch 氏 (Sorbonne University and CNRS)

The initial value problem for the Einstein equations for massive fields

This series of lectures is devoted to recent advances on nonlinear PDE
systems of coupled wave and Klein-Gordon equations, especially on the
initial value problem for the Einstein equations of general
relativity, describing the evolution of a self-gravitating massive
field. I will present material on the structure of the Einstein
equations and the stability of their solutions, together with the
Euclidian-Hyperboloidal Foliation Method introduced by the speaker in
collaboration with Yue Ma (Xi'an Jiatong Univ). The latter is a novel
and versatile method of analysis which applies to a variety of
nonlinear wave-Klein-Gordon systems. For the convenience of the
audience, the lectures will be relatively independent from each other.
The first part of the course will provide a general overview of the
most important problems and results in the field, while in the final
lectures an outline of the technical elements of the
Euclidian-Hyperboloidal Foliation Method will be given. The course
will be accessible to graduate students. Some related papers can be
found at the link: https://philippelefloch.org


第1回 10月6日(木) 15:00-16:15
第2回 10月11日(火) 15:00-16:15
第3回 10月18日(火) 15:00-16:15
第4回 10月25日(火) 14:00-15:15