our principles of the master course

Our principles for the master course

Division of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences offers education for students who want to become researchers or to build successful careers in industry or education using advanced mathematical skills. To accommodate those needs there are two courses in the master program of mathematics department; one is the advanced mathematics course and the other is the basic mathematics course. Attention is required since the method of education differs considerably between these two courses.

The objective of the advanced mathematics course is to train excellent researchers. So, we offer education assuming that students will advance to the doctor program. Specifically, students receive instructions from their advisors in one-to-one sessions to become researchers. The method of instructions is decided by the mutual agreement between the student and the advisor in principle. If you intend to become a researcher, you should opt for this course.

The objective of the basic mathematics course is to train students so that they can build careers using advanced mathematical skills in industry or education. It is assumed that students seek their careers in industry or education after they finish the master course in principle. The main feature of education in this course consist of seminars in small groups of the same interest. Five areas of interests are available for those seminars such as algebra, geometry, analysis, actuarial mathematics and applied mathematics. Students are required to solidify their understanding of mathematics by the seminars and to acquire broad knowledge through classes they attend. Students are recommended to acquire qualifications and licences (such as teacher, actuary) which help their careers.