Library Guide

Library Guide

  1. Library Hours

Mon. - Fri. 9:00 - 12:00, 13:00-17:00
(Closed for Lunch Break : 12:00-13:00)

  1. Closed

Saturdays and Sundays. National Holidays. Several days before and after New Year's Day.

  1. Entry

★ Before entering the library, please take your shoes off, and put them in the shelves outside the library.

★ Bags (except computers and stationery) are not allowed to bring in the library. You may put your bags in a locker.

★ Hold your student ID or identification IC card over the reader of the system.

  1. Borrowing Limits

Books only may be borrowed. Journals may not be borrowed.

*You may extend the loan period 2 weeks once before the due date.

→You can also do it with MyKULINE.

!!When you extend through MyKULINE the due date of books you borrowed, the due date will be updated, starting from the renewed date. Please note that such online renewals do not extend the original due date!!

<Member of Faculty of Science>
Member of Dept of Math;
+ Staff: No restriction
+ Graduate students: 3 months /10 vols
Member of RIMS;
+ Staff, Graduate students: 3 months /10 vols
<Other Faculty members>
+ 2 week /5 vols

  1. PhotoCopies

You need a form for Inter-Library Loan for Photocopies.

  1. The user who is not the member of the Kyoto university

It is necessary to show an identification card.