Shifted symplectic pushforwards

2024/04/22 Mon 10:30 - 12:00
Hyeonjun Park

We introduce how to pushforward shifted symplectic fibrations along base changes. This is achieved by considering symplectic forms that are closed in a stronger sense. Examples include: symplectic zero loci and symplectic quotients. Observing that twisted cotangent bundles are symplectic pushforwards, we obtain an equivalence between symplectic fibrations and Lagrangians to critical loci.

We provide two local structure theorems for symplectic fibrations: a smooth local structure theorem for higher stacks via symplectic zero loci and twisted cotangents, and an ́etale local structure theorem for 1-stacks with reductive stabilizers via symplectic quotients of the smooth local models.

We resolve deformation invariance issue in Donaldson-Thomas theory of Calabi- Yau 4-folds. Abstractly, we associate virtual Lagrangian cycles for (-2)-symplectic fibrations as unique functorial bivariant classes over the exact loci. For moduli of perfect complexes, we show that the exact loci consist of deformations for which the (0,4)-Hodge pieces of second Chern characters remain zero.