Two dimensional conformal field theory, current-current deformation and Mass formula

2020/11/12 Thu 10:30 - 12:00
Yuto Moriwaki
Kavli IPMU

This talk deals with a deformation of a two dimensional conformal field
We introduce a notion of a full vertex algebra, which is a mathematical formulation of a compact two dimensional conformal field theory on $R^2$. We also give examples of full vertex algebras and discuss the relation between vertex algebras and full vertex algebras. Then, we construct a
deformation of a full vertex algebra, which serves as a current-current deformation of the conformal field theory in physics.
As an application, we consider the deformation of a tensor product of a vertex algebra and
some full vertex algebra. Such deformation may produce new vertex algebras. We give a formula which counts a weighted sum of the number of vertex algebras appearing in the deformation.

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Passcode is the order of the Mathieu group $M_{22}$.