Feigin-Odesskii's elliptic algebras

2020/08/06 Thu 10:30 - 12:00
Ryo Kanda
Osaka City University

This talk is based on joint work with Alex Chirvasitu and S. Paul Smith. Feigin and Odesskii introduced a family of noncommutative graded algebras, which are parametrized by an elliptic curve and some other data, and claimed a number of remarkable results in their series of papers. The family contains all higher dimensional Sklyanin algebras, which have been widely studied and recognized as important examples of Artin-Schelter regular algebras. In this talk, I will explain some properties of Feigin-Odesskii's algebras, including the nature of their point schemes and algebraic properties obtained by using the quantum Yang-Baxter equation.

(This seminar was held on Zoom.)