Quantum deformation of Feigin-Semikhatov's W-algebras from quantum toroidal gl(1)

2020/07/16 Thu 10:30 - 12:00
Koichi Harada
Department of Physics, The University of Tokyo

Quantum toroidal algebras contain many q-W algebras as truncations, but most of them have not been studied in detail. The typical examples among them are the subregular W-algebras of type A. The screening charges were proposed by Feigin and Semikhatov and their q-deformation was also found in the study of quantum toroidal gl(1). Further, the recent work by Gaiotto and Rapcak provides a clue to obtain many q-W algebras by gluing quantum toroidal gl(1)s. In this talk, I will discuss quantum deformation of Feigin-Semikhatov's W-algebras by using quantum toroidal gl(1) and Gaiotto-Rapcak's framework.

(This seminar was held on zoom.)