Difference equations arising from cluster algebras

2020/06/18 Thu 10:30 - 12:00
Yuma Mizuno
Tokyo Institute of Technology

The theory of cluster algebras gives powerful tools for systematic studies of discrete dynamical systems. Given a sequence of quiver mutations that preserves the quiver, we obtain a finite set of algebraic relations, yielding a discrete dynamical system. Such a set of algebraic relations is called a T-system. In this talk, I will explain that T-systems are characterized by pairs of matrices that have a certain symplectic property. This generalize a characterization of period 1 quivers, which was given by Fordy and Marsh, to arbitrary mutation sequences. I will also explain the relation between T-systems and Nahm's problem about modular functions, which is one of the main motivations of our study.

(This seminar was held on zoom.)