Dilogarithms identities and cluster algebras

2019/11/13 Wed 14:45 - 15:45
Room 110, Building No.3
Tomoki Nakanishi
Nagoya University

The dilogarithm function was introduced by Euler, and the function and its variations appear in several areas of mathematics, e.g., hyperbolic geometry, algebraic K-theory, conformal field theory, integrable systems. The function is remarkable in the sense that it satisfies a great variety of functional equations, including the celebrated pentagon identity, which we call dilogarithm identities. On the other hand, cluster algebras, introduced by Fomin and Zelevinsky around 2000, are a rather recently introduced combinatorial/algebraic structure originated in Lie theory. It was not originally intended, but it turns out that the dilogarithm is ``build-into” the cluster algebra structure as the Hamiltonian. In this talk I explain how the dilogarithm identity associated with a period of mutations in a cluster algebra arises especially from Hamiltonian/Lagrangian point of view. (Based on the joint work with M. Gekhtman and D. Rupel.)