Application guide

Master Course

The entrance examination for the Division of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences,
Graduate School of Science, is held in August. Entrance Examination for Foreign Students, Master Course in Mathematics will not take place from 2020 (the web page of the graduate school of Science).

For 2019 enrollment:
Guidelines for International Applicants to the Master's Program in Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences

Even though the exam will be held in English, you have to live and take courses in Japanese. So you have to have the language skill enough for everyday living and for taking math courses in Japanese.

Ph.D. Course

Students can be admitted to Ph. D. Course after finishing their Master Course. For those who finished their Master Course elsewhere and enroll from the Ph. D. Course in Kyoto University, an examination will be given in February.

Application form and documents

Application form and documents can be obtained from the web site of the graduate school of Science.

List of Faculty members

For the list of faculty members and their research area, please refer to this page.

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Division of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences consists of two sections:
Department of Mathematics (whose faculty belongs to Graduate School of Science)
and Department of Mathematical Sciences (whose faculty belongs to the Research Institute of Mathematical Sciences (RIMS)). For the Department of Mathematical Sciences, please refer to the web site of RIMS.