The Division of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, Graduate School of Science and the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences have a group of researchers of the highest international caliber covering a wide range of fields in the mathematical sciences, and have scored numerous pioneering research achievements. The two organizations cooperate in conducting education and research in the discipline of mathematics, with their members and graduates recording outstanding achievements including being the recipients of internationally renowned prizes or being invited to the International Congress of Mathematicians as keynote speakers. Attentive guidance by faculty staff engaged in leading-edge research enables graduate students at the Division of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences to take their place at the forefront of mathematical studies. Furthermore, both organizations are actively engaged in exchanges with researchers and students from universities around the world. Each year, in its capacity as a joint usage/research center, the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences hosts many conferences and receives visits from many leading researchers from outside Japan, thereby providing a natural environment to prepare graduate students to be successful on the international stage.

Researchers of high international repute, such as Fields Medal awardees, from the world's leading universities will be employed as Distinguished Visiting Professors. In conjunction with Kyoto University faculty, these Visiting Professors will provide research guidance to students, while also being involved in the education of a broader range of students (for example, in the form of special lectures). Students enrolled in the program will work on dissertations at both Kyoto University and partner institutions, under the guidance of Kyoto University faculty and Distinguished Visiting Professors. This will provide students with superior research skills in mathematics, as well as promote fluency in a foreign language and help them establish their own international research networks. Additionally, student dissertations will be made available immediately upon completion to the international research community. This framework will prepare students to play an active role on the international stage upon degree conferment, and notable success of young researchers, such as the conferment of international awards, can be expected.

This project includes programs for motivated undergraduate students, such as lectures and seminars specifically tailored to their needs, to help them master or study mathematics at higher levels from early on in their career.