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Shigehiro Ushiki,
Professor emeritus of Mathematics, retired from Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies,
Kyoto University

Research interest : exploration of new phenomena in complex dynamical systems.

Key words of this page : Fractal set, chaos, Julia set, Mandelbrot set, complex Henon map, complex dynamics, complex dynamical systems, 4D graphics, movies, rational maps, holomorphic dynamical systems, Hubbard potential, Green's function, strange attractor, Douady's rabbit, Herman ring, computer graphics.

HenonExplorer and movies of Julia sets for Complex Henon maps

HenonExplorer page

ComplexExplorer and movies in parameter spaces

ComplexExplorer page

StereoViewer and Julia sets in C^2

Henon Julia sets

Second Julia sets of Regular polynomial maps

Pictures and Movies of Rational Maps

Movies from complex polynomial maps in C2

Movies from complex Henon maps in C2

Pictures from complex polynomial maps in C2

This page very old.

Pictures of quadratic polynomials

Movies of quadratic polynomials of the Mandelbrot family

Some Pictures of elliptic functions