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Professor, Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University and Chief coordinator, Math Clinic at Kyoto University.

My research interests are in understanding nonlinear dynamical phenomena observed in the evolutions of incompressible fluid motions; I am also intersted in interdisciplinary mathematical studies (Math. Metorology, Math. Modeling etc); I am the chief cordinator of Math Clinic Program (MACS Program)

I am awarded a JST PRESTO research fellowship for the project, "Dynamical Systems Theory for Hydrospheric Environments"(2007-2010) and the sequel project of JST Math CREST, "Towards a Paradigm Shift Created by Mathematics of Vortex-Boundary Interactions" (2010-2016).

  • Dissipative weak solutions of the Euler equations and Turbulence theory
  • Theory and Applications of Vortex Dynamics on Riemannian manifolds
  • Singularity formation and long-time behavior of vortex dynamics
  • Mathematical analysis for models for 3D Navier-Stokes and Euler equations
  • Topological fluid mechanics
  • Vortex Sound Theory
  • Applied and Computational Complex Analysis
  • Interdisciplinary Studies (Mathematical Meteorlogy, Math Clinic at Kyoto U)


  • Research Topic: Topological and geometric fluid mechanics, Turbulence Theory, Vortex Dynamics, Mathematical Meteorology, Mathematical Modeling, Interdisciplinary Mathematics.
  • Topics in Mathematics: Nonlinear dynamical systems, Bifurcation theory, Partial differential equations, Numerical Analysis, Topology, Symplectic geometry.
  • Topics in Numerical methods: Vortex method, Spectral method, Fast tree-codes, Fast Multipole Method, Numerical Conformal mapping

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