Applied and Computational Complex Analysis Group in Japan (ACCA-JP)

Aim and Scope

The Applied and Computational Complex Analysis group in Japan (ACCA-JP) is organized by applied mathematicians in Japanese universities in order to develop new mathematical theories and techniques on complex analysis combined with numerical computations. We also explore new interdiciplinary applications of these mathematical theories and computational techniques to the other research fields in science and technology.

The ACCA-JP is also enhancing international collaborations with research communities in foreign countries.

Those who are interested in this activity. Please contact Takashi Sakajo in the department of mathematics, Kyoto University.
ACCA-UK Logo The Applied and Computational Complex Analysis group in the United Kingdom (ACCA-UK).

One of the organizers, Takashi Sakajo, is now leading a research project "Toward a paradigm shift via mathematics of vortex boundary interactions" funded by Japan Science and Technology Agency from 2010 to 2015.

Streamline around Japan's islands constructed by
the conformal mapping method based on the integral
equation with the genealized Neumann kernel.
by M.M. Nasser, T. Sakajo, A.H. Murid and L.K. Wei (2014)



Participating Seminars

The ACCA-JP is a union of the following research seminars on applied mathematics organized by universities in Japan. Each seminar welcomes research talks on applications of computational and complex analysis and thier related topics.


ACCA-JP Logo (created by Prof. H.H. Nasser)

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