Talks at International Conferences and Seminars

Plenary and Invited Talks

  1. 2022 Sept. 12--16 UK-Japan Winter School Event: "Geometry, Stochastics and Dynamics"
    Title: Topological flow data analysis - theory and recent applications, Imperial College London, UK (hybrid) (Sept 13), invited speaker
  2. 2022 June 6--Jume 8, The 1st International Symposium on Aihara Moonshot Project
    Title: Topological Flow Data Analysis for Bllod Flows Insider a Heart, Virtual Online, Tokyo (June 6), invited speaker
  3. 2020 Jan 20--Jan 24, Workshop on "Mathematical Aspects of Geophysical Flows
    Title: "Vortex Dynamics on Sphere - a survey"
    Research Center Erwin Schrodinter International Institute for Mathematics and Physics (ESI), Univ. Vienna, Austria, invited speaker.
  4. 2019 Oct 28--Nov 1, Complex analysis in mathematical physics and applications
    Title: Vortex dynamics on the surface of a torus
    Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK, invited speaker.
  5. 2019 Apr. 15--19, Workshop on Scientific Computing Across Scales: Extreme Events and Criticality in Fluid Mechanics
    Title: Mathematical models of cascading phenomena in turbulence
    The Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada, invited speaker.
  6. 2019 Jan. 7--11, Workshop on Applied Topology (WAT2019)
    Title: Classification of 2D Hamiltonian vector fields and topological flow data analysis : theory, computation and applications
    Kyoto Univ., Kyoto, Japan, plenary speaker.
  7. 2018. Dec. 26, Mathematics of Fluid Motion II: Theory and Computation
    Title: "Control of vortex dominated flows through vortex dynamics"
    KIAS, Seoul, Korea, invited speaker, Dec. 26-28.
  8. 2018 Nov. 24, Taiwan-Japan Joint Workshop on Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation
    Title: "Control of vortex dominated flows through vortex dynamics"
    NCTS, Nat. Taiwan University, Taipei, plenary speaker, Nov. 24--26.
  9. 2017 July, Expert Exchange on Micro-Pressure Waves
    Title:"Mathematical research on Micro-Pressure Waves"
    Technical Research Institute (RTRI), July 18, invited speaker .
  10. 2016 June, The 11th East Asia SIAM Conference
    Title: "Dissipative vortex collapse and time's arrow"
    University of Macau, Macau, China, June 20--22, invited speaker.
  11. 2016 Mar., A3 Mini-workshop on Soft Matter
    Title: "Mathematical modeling and topological characterizations for 2D incompressible flows across the Reynolds number"
    Beihang University, Beijing, China, Mar. 23--25, invited speaker.
  12. 2016 Feb.24, Kyoto University Winter School 2016 "From Materials to Life: Multidisciplinary Challenges"
    Title: "Across Reynolds numbers: mathematical modeling and topological pattern characterization for 2D incompressible flows"
    Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, Feb. 14--26, invited lecturer.
  13. 2016 Jan 25, Advanced Computing and Theoretical Fluid Mechanics
    Title: "Mathematical models of anomalous enstrophy dissipation and enstrophy cascade in 2D turbulence"
    The Fields Institute, Tronto, Canada, Jan. 25--29, invited speaker.
  14. 2015 Nov 27, Second Joint Workshop of A3 Foresight Program
    Title: "Mathematical modeling of incompressible flows; Recent developments in applied and computational complex analysis"
    Xiamen, China, Nov. 26--29, invited speaker.
  15. 2014 Nov, The 8th CREST-SBM International Conference: International Conference on Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Present and Future
    Title: "On point vortex-alpha system and vortex collapse with enstrophy dissipation",
    Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 11-14, invited speaker
  16. 2014 Sep. The 6th Euro-Japanese Workshop on Blow-up,
    Title: "Anomalous enstrophy dissipation and 2D vortex collapse",
    Tokyo, Japan, Sep. 1--5, invited speaker
  17. 2014 Mar. 5, 2014 Japan-Taiwan Joint Workshop on Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation,
    Title: "Mathematical and Computational Theory for Inviscid and Incompresible Flows in Multiply Connected Domains",
    Kyoto, Japan, April 5--6, invited speaker
  18. 2014 Mar. 5, The 2nd International Conference on Mathematical Theory of Turbulence via Harmonic Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics,
    Title: "Anomalous enstrophy dissipation via triple collapse of 2D point vortices",
    Nara, Japan, Mar. 3--5, invited speaker
  19. 2013 Sep., 2013 Northeastern Asian Symposium on Methods and Modeling for High Performance Scientific Computing,
    Title: "Mathematical and numerical studies of vortex-boundary interactions -- theory and applications",
    Chengdu, China, Sep. 23-24, invited speaker
  20. 2012 Sep.11, International Innovation Workshop on Off Shore Tsunami Energy Dissipation and Peak Height Alleviation,
    Title: "Towards a mathematical study of offshore tsunami dynamics with vortex-boundary interactions",
    Tohoku Univ., Sendai, Japan, Sep. 10-12, Plenary speaker
  21. 2012 Aug. , 4th China-Japan-Korea Conference on Numerical Mathematics,
    Title: "Point Vortex Dynamics in Multiply Connected Domains -- Theory and Applications",
    Ohtsu, Japan, Aug. 25-28, Invited speaker
  22. 2011 Dec. 13, NIMS Hot Topic Workshop on Fluid Dynamics: Vortex Dynamics, Biofluids and Related Fields,
    Title: "Force-enhancing vortex equilibria for two plates in uniform flow",
    NIMS, Daejong, South Korea, Dec. 12-14, Invited speaker
  23. 2011 Dec. 7, Emerging Topics on Differential Equations and their Applications -- Sino-Japan Conference of Young Mathematicians,
    Title: "Enstrophy dissipation in Euler-alpha point vortices via triple collapse",
    Nankai University, Tianjin, China, Dec. 5-9, Invited speaker
  24. 2011 Sept. 24, International conference on fluid and gas dynamics,
    Title: "Point vortex dynamics in multiply connected domains and its applications",
    Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua, China, Sept. 23-27, Invited speaker
  25. 2009 Nov. 12-14 JST 日米先端工学シンポジウム(JAFoE)招待討議者
  26. 2008 June 24-26, Analytical and Computational Fluid Dynamics (vortex flows, biological systems and related topics),
    Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea, Invited speaker
  27. 2007 Feb. 2-4, Taiwan-Japan Joint Workshop on Inverse Problem ,
    Title: "Topological structure of periodic orbits in the integrable four-vortex motion on sphere",
    Academia Sincia, Taipei, Invited speaker

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