Dynamical Systems Theory for Hydrospheric Environments


This page introduces the research project on "Dynamical systems theory for hydrospheric environments", which is selected as a JST PRESTO project in 2008.


(2008/6/14) The symposium "JST Presto Symposium on Mathematical Sciences towards Environmental Problems" was held from July 11th to 13th at Department of mathematics, Hokkaido University.

Summary of the project

The aim of the project is creating a mathematical theory of nonlinear dynamical systems that is applicable toward environmental problems in hydrosphere such as rivers, lakes, inland seas and ponds. Developing mathematical theory and efficient numerical methods for inviscid incompressible fluids in multiply connected regions, I study the flow pattern formation and evolution of coherent vortex structures and passive/reactive/biological particles. I search for the possible applications of these mathematical and numerical techniques to real world problems under advice of researchers on environmental science.

The project consists of the following three sub-projects;

  • (SP1) Mathematical analysis of the Euler flows in multiply connected regions with nonlinear dynamical systems theory. The analysis focus on giving the solution to the environmental issues in the hydrosphere. As a result of this theoretical works, I anticipate novel and useful (mathematical) notions in the hydrospheric environments can be suggested.
  • (SP2) Developing algorithms and softwares to deal with the above mathematical theory and also to provide quantitative and qualitative outputs that is available to the hydrospheric environmental issues.
  • (SP3) Quest for the environmental issues in the hydrosphere to which our theory is essentially applicable.
The project has started on Oct. 1st, 2007.

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