Japanese CV

Fullname: KATO Syu
Affiliation: Department of Mathematics Kyoto University
Position: Professor
Research field: Geometric representation theory
Degree: Dr. (Math. Sci.) University of Tokyo 2003
	Advisor: Hisayosi Matumoto
	Dissertation: Equivariant bundles on group completions
Postal Address: Oiwake Kita-Shirakawa Sakyo Kyoto 606-8502 JAPAN
	Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University
E-mail:Sorry. I cannot type it here.
My talk, slides, and abstracts from ICM2022

Some papers:

  1. A Borel-Weil-Bott type theorem for group completions
  2. Equivariant vector bundles on group completions
  3. An exotic Deligne-Langlands correspondence for symplectic groups
  4. Deformations of nilpotent cones and Springer correspondences
  5. Tempered modules in exotic Deligne-Langlands correspondences
  6. A homological study of Green polynomials
  7. Equivariant K-theory of semi-infinite flag manifolds and Pieri-Chevalley type formula
  8. Loop structure on equivariant K-theory of semi-infinite flag manifolds
  9. Frobenius splitting of Schubert varieties of semi-infinite flag manifolds

Other papers can be found here.

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