Sendai Max Dehn seminar

  • 世話人: 藤原耕二 fujiwara(at)
  • 場所と時間:東北大学 情報科学研究科棟 6階 609, 木曜午後 3-4pm
  • セミナー予定
    2006 年度
    2007.3.8(thu)2pm-3pm. C-316.
    Marc Bourdon(Univ Lille)
    An algebraic characterisation of quasi-Moebius homeomorphisms
    2006.10.20(Fri) 3-4pm. at Sugaku-203
    Satoshi Ishiwata (Tsukuba U)
    Connectivity of discrete nilpotent groups
    2006.11.29(wed). 1:30-2:30. C-316.
    論文紹介 " Homotopy of ends and boundaries of CAT(0) groups" G. Conner, M. Mihalik and S. Tschantz
    2005 年度
    2005.6.16(Th) at C-316.
    Dr.Kenneth J.Shackleton (U of Southampton).
    2:00-3:30. "Tight geodesics and computing distances in the curve complex."
    3:30-4:30. "Curve complex embeddings and injections of mapping class groups."
    2005.5.12. 2-3pm, 3:30-4:30pm. at C-316.
    Brian Bowditch (U of Southampton, TIT)
    "Geometry of curve compexes and hyperbolic 3-manifolds".
    2004.8.17(Tue). at 518.
    Mark Sapir (Vanderbilt Univ)
    "Asymptotic cones of relatively hyperbolic groups and quasi-isometry rigidity".
    2004.7.21 (Wed). (1) 3-4pm, (2) 4:30-5:30pm. 数学棟 518. Danny Calegari (Cal Tech).

    2004.6.11. (金).2-3pm. 数学棟518
    abstract: 従順性(amenability)は群の函数解析的な 取り扱いにおいて非常に重要な概念である。 (離散)群 G が従順でないときでも、 G の適当な境界 X への作用まで込めて考えると、 (G,X) の組が従順群のように振舞うことがある。 これについて話をする。
    2004.5.27.(木). 3-4pm. C棟-316.
    "Splitting theorems for CAT(0) spaces"
    2004.5.20(木). 3-4pm. C棟-316.

    "COE" means the talk is supported partially by the COE program "Exploring New Science by Bridging Particle-Matter Hierarchy".
    2004.1.22(Thu) COE
    2:00-3:30 数学棟418(changed to 518)
    Yann Ollivier (Univ Paris Sud)
    "Measure concentration"
    2003年12月5日(金曜) COE
    14:00-15:30, 数学棟518
    Peter Brinkmann(Univ of Illinois)
    "Dynamics of free group automorphisms"
    Abstract : We present a coarse convexity result for the dynamics of automorphisms of finitely generated free groups. As an application, we obtain an algorithm that detects whether two elements of the free group are contained in the same orbit of a given automorphism.