Kyoto University   SGU

The 9th KTGU Mathematics Workshop for Young Researchers


KTGU stands for our "Kyoto Top Global University" project, and this workshop is aimed to facilitate communications between outstanding young international scholars and the local graduate students / postdocs in Kyoto University.

Venue:Department of Mathematics, Building no. 3,
Kyoto University (North Campus)

Plenary Speaker:

Seiichiro Kusuoka       

Guest Speakers:

Algebraic geometry, Number theory

Ruijie Yang      Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Germany
Swaraj Pande       University of Michigan, US

Differential Geometry

Mike Miller       Columbia University, US
Jianfeng Lin       Tsinghua University, US

Partial Differential Equation

Sameer Iyer      University of California, Davis, US
Younghun Hong      Chung-Ang University, South Korea
Kelei Wang        Wuhan University, China

Probability Theory

William Hide      Durham University, US
Thomas LeblĂ©      University of Paris-CitĂ©, France