Yasuhiko Sato's Publications

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Y. Sato Actions of amenable groups and crossed products of ${\cal Z}$-absorbing ${\rm C}^\ast$-algebras to appear in the proceedings of the 9th MSJ-SI. arXiv:1612.08529
J. Bosa, N. P. Brown, Y. Sato, A. Tikuisis, S. White, W. Winter Covering dimension of ${\rm C}^\ast$-algebras and 2-coloured Classification to appear in Mem. Amer. Math. Soc arXiv:1506.03974
N. Ozawa, M. Rørdam, Y. Sato Elementary amenable groups are quasidiagonal Geom. Funct. Anal. Vol. 25 (2015), 307--316. arXiv:1404.3462
Y. Sato, S. White, W. Winter Nuclear dimension and ${\cal Z}$-stability Invent. Math. 202 (2015), no. 2, 893--921. arXiv:1403.0747
H. Matui, Y. Sato Decomposition rank of UHF-absorbing ${\rm C}^\ast$-algebras Duke Math. J. 163 (2014), No. 14, 2687--2708. arXiv:1303.4371
Y. Sato Trace spaces of simple nuclear ${\rm C}^\ast$-algebras with finite-dimensional extreme boundary Preprint. arXiv:1209.3000
H. Matui, Y. Sato ${\cal Z}$-stability of crossed products by strongly outer actions, II Amer. J. Math. 136 (2014), 1441--1497. arXiv:1205.1590
H. Matui, Y. Sato Strict comparison and ${\cal Z}$-absorption of nuclear ${\rm C}^\ast$-algebras Acta Math. 209 (2012), 179--196. arXiv:1111.1637
Y. Sato Discrete amenable group actions on von Neumann algebras and invariant nuclear ${\rm C}^\ast$-subalgebras Preprint. arXiv:1104.4339
H. Matui, Y. Sato ${\cal Z}$-stability of crossed products by strongly outer actions Comm. Math. Phys. 314 (2012), 193--228. arXiv:0912.4804
Y. Sato The Rohlin property for automorphisms of the Jiang--Su algebra J. Funct. Anal. 259 (2010), 453--476. arXiv:0908.0135
Y. Sato A generalization of the Jiang-Su construction Preprint. arXiv:0903.5286
Y. Sato Certain aperiodic automorphisms of unital simple projectionless ${\rm C}^\ast$-algebras Internat. J. Math. 20 (2009), 1233--1261. arXiv:0807.4761

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