UnramDeg3 for GAP 4

Authors: Akinari Hoshi, Aiichi Yamasaki.
Needs: GAP, version >=4.8.7; GAP package HAP, version >=1.11.15;
Current version: 2019.09.26 (Hnminus1QoverZtoHnZfromResolution was modified to ver.2017.09.09)
Contact: Akinari Hoshi, Aiichi Yamasaki.
URL: https://www.math.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~yamasaki/Algorithm/UnramDeg3/index.html
Download: zip


This code provides algorithms for computing unraified and stable cohomologies of degree 3 for fields of invariants.


Download UnramDeg3.zip and unpack it to some folder , e.g. C:\Users\username.
Then type "Read("H3nr.gap");" on GAP.


Click the link below for further details.


[HKY20] Akinari Hoshi, Ming-chang Kang and Aiichi Yamasaki, Degree three unramified cohomology groups and Noether's problem for groups of order 243, J. Algebra 544 (2020) 262-301. Extended version: arXiv:1710.01958.
[Pe08] Emmanuel Peyre, Unramified cohomology of degree 3 and Noether's problem, Invent. Math. 171 (2008) 191-225.