Workshop on Arithmetic Geometry in Kanazawa

November 24(Tue) - 27(Fri), 2009
Ishikawa prefecture bunkyo hall, Kanazawa, Japan
Lecture Room 406 (webpage (in Japanese))
Tetsushi Ito (Kyoto)
The aim of this workshop is to promote mathematical and cultural exchange between young researchers inside and outside Japan working on arithmetic geometry and related area including algebraic number theory, algebraic geometry, harmonic analysis on p-adic and real Lie groups, automorphic representations, Langlands functoriality, and to activate high level research from a broad perspective. This workshop is supported by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (S) ``Comprehensive studies on Shimura varieties, arithmetic geometry, Galois representations, and automorphic representations'' (20674001).
Registration is required because the number of seats in the lecture room is strictly limited.
In order to register, please write an e-mail to the organizer. (Registration form is not available.)
Here is the List of Participants.
List of Speakers
Thomas Barnet-Lamb (Brandeis)
Toby Gee (Harvard)
David Geraghty (Harvard)
Kai-Wen Lan (Princeton/IAS)
David Loeffler (Cambridge)
Jonathan Pottharst (Boston College)
Sug Woo Shin (Chicago)
Inna Zakharevich (MIT)
Noriyuki Abe (Tokyo)
Shushi Harashita (Kobe)
Atsushi Ichino (Osaka City)
Naoki Imai (Tokyo)
Tetsushi Ito (Kyoto, Math Dept)
Yoichi Mieda (Kyushu)
Tatsuya Ohshita (Kyoto, Math Dept)
Shu Sasaki (King's College London)
Takashi Taniguchi (Kobe)
Teruyoshi Yoshida (Cambridge)
Here is the webpage of the program.
(PDF) [English] [Japanese]
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Kanazawa Guide Book (English, zipped PDF file)
Kanazawa Guide Map (English, zipped PDF file)
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