Software written by M.Shishikura

Here are some software I wrote. They run only on Macintosh.

iDynamics draws the Mandelbrot set and Julia sets for quadratic polynomials z -> z2 + c. See Gallery for examples. You can blow up the pictures with simple mouse actions. More functions such as realtime drawing of Julia sets are also implemented. See iDynamics page for more details and download.

Unimodal maps by HyperCard: This HyperCard stack lets you do some experiments on the dynamics of real quadratic maps (or logistic map) which is a typical example of unimodal maps. You need HyperCard to use this stack. download (115KB)

Dynamical system movies: These are programs which create QuickTime movies which are related to dynamical systems. I wrote them for myself, when I needed to make movies for a presentation on dynamical systems. There are no manuals for them, but you might be able to guess how they work. They all require MacOS 7.5 or later, QuickTime and PowerPC processor.

MandelbrotZoomer creates movies zooming into the Mandelbrot set. download (27KB)

JuliaZoomer creates movies zooming into Julia sets. download (27KB)

JuliaMovie1, JuliaMovie2 create movies (10.7MB and 4.4MB) of Julia sets along certain paths in the parameter space. You cannot change the parameter path. download JuliaMovie1 (13KB), JuliaMovie2 (14KB)

MyPlanets2body, MyPlanets3body create movies of orbits of 2 or 3 planets (or point masses), which are moving around under the gravitational force. I was inspired by "Planets" in "MacMath" package of J. H. Hubbard. download MyPlanets2body (28KB), MyPlanets3body (28KB)

LogisticOrbit draws a graph of an orbit of a logistic map x -> ax(1-x) (real quadratic polynomial). download(26KB)

LogisticZoomer creates movies zooming in to the bifurcation diagram of logistic maps x -> ax(1-x) (real quadratic polynomials). download (27KB)

You can freely distribute copies of these programs. You can also use freely the images or movies created by them.

These programs have not been fully tested. Please use them with caution and at your own risk. I do not take any responsibilities for the damages that are caused by these programs.

If you find a bug or have a comment, send an email to mitsu (AT) kusm (DOT) kyoto-u (DOT) ac (DOT) jp . However I do not guarantee a reply for your email.