Workshop on Complex Dynamics

RIMS, Kyoto  –  December 11-15, 2017

参 加申込
会場案内  参加者
プログラム アブストラクト 写真


The conference will take place at the Room 111

of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto.

You can find information about how to arrive to RIMS here.

Note that the Department of Mathematics is in a different building!

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To go from Kansai International Airport to Kyoto it is convenient

 to take the train Haruka
(~75min, non-reserved seat ~3,000¥)

please buy the tickets from the JR office in the airport and

in case you want to claim it,  ask for a receipt (the machine will eat the tickets).

Another option is to take Kansai Airport Limousine bus or take the door-to-door

MK Skygate Shuttle but note that you have to prebook this service a few days in advance.

There is more information in the webiste of the department.

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The conference hotel is

Palace Side Hotel

which is located in the west side of the Kyoto Imperial Palace

and can be reached from Kyoto station by either

i) taking the subway Karasuma line to Marutamachi station (~12min, 260¥)
you have to buy the ticket from the machines in the station

ii) from the bus stop A1, take the bus 9 / 50 to
Horikawashimodachiuri stop or
17 / 205 / 4 to Kawaramachi Marutamachi stop
(~35min, 230¥)
pay the exact amount into the machine next to the driver when you leave the bus
you can also get change from that machine, but it does not accept bills >1,000¥

iii) if you take a taxi I would expect that it costs ~1,000¥

iv) walking up Karasuma dori (~50min, but free!)

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To go from the conference hotel to RIMS you can

i) walk to the north-west corner of the Imperial Palace
and then take the bus 203 to the "Kyodai nogakubumae" stop

ii) or just walk all the way to RIMS across the Imperial Palace gardens (~40min

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You can find a guide with the restaurants around the university here.

This website has a list of vegeterian/vegan restaurants, or you can try the following:

Sujata スジャータ  •  Goya  •  Boogaloo cafe  •  Sunny Place  •  Falafel garden ファラフェル ガーデン  •  Padoma パドマ 
Mamezen 豆乳ラーメン 専門店「豆禅」
  •  Mumokuteki cafe  •  Mikouan 彌光庵, Ajiro 阿じろ  •  Naturalfood Village

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Japanese language

We have prepared a basic guide of Japanese that you can download from here.

Note that this may be specially useful in restaurants!

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Please take some time to visit Kyoto

In the following map you will find the locations of the conference

as well as the main touristic spots in Kyoto (click on the top left icon to see the list).

If you want to go a bit further, you can do a day trip to

Nara was the capital of Japan before Kyoto and has beautiful temples and
it is famous for having lots of dears wandering around freely that you can feed cookies (~1h)

Osaka is the 3rd biggest city of Japan and its modernity
contrasts with the traditional style of Kyoto (~1h)

Himeji castle is often considered the most beautiful Japanese castle (~1h 50min)

Please ask us if you need advise on how to go to these places.

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Special events during the conference

The conference happens just after the period of momiji (when the leaves of trees turn red)
so if you are lucky you can still see some beautiful autumn colors.
Around this time some temples open at night with illuminations.

During the week of the conference you can also visit the Arashiyama Hanatouro
(bamboo forest illumination and paper lamps) which this year takes place from December 8 to 17.

On Friday 15th, you may want to check the
Chion-ji Temple Handicraft Market
which takes place in a temple very near the university

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Further traveling advise

» most of the bus stops in Kyoto have free wifi,
for example, you can use it in front of the station

» Kyoto University uses eduroam

» if one day you are planning to do >2 bus trips within Kyoto city,
it is cheaper to buy a day pass
(500¥) from the driver before getting off

» note that most temples close by 5pm

» Japan is a cash based country, so often you will not be able to use your credit card
 to pay (even in supermarkets!), it is recommended to make sure you always carry enough cash