Mapping Spaces in Algebraic Topology

on the occasion of Norio Iwase's 60th birthday

Date & Place 27-30 August 2018, Kyoto University

Invited Speakers
Hossein Abbaspour Mark Grant Jelena Grbić Norio Iwase Luc Menichi
Aniceto Murillo Keiichi Sakai Donald Stanley Jeffrey Strom Dai Tamaki
Mitsunobu Tsutaya Jie Wu (cencelled)

Contributed Speakers
Yasuhiko Asao Tyrone Cutler Sho Hasui Ruizhi Huang Anssi Lahtinen
Takahiro Matsushita Tse-Leung So Kohei Tanaka Shun Wakatsuki

Aim Mapping spaces ubiquitously appear in algebraic topology, and much of the growth of algebraic topology is due to understanding mapping spaces from various viewpoints. This conference highlights recent advances in algebraic topology involving mapping spaces through invited lectures and young researcher's work on mapping spaces through contributed lectures.

Honour This conference is held on the occasion of Norio Iwase 's 60th birthday. He has been working on Stasheff's An-structure and its applications to L-S category, and his construction of counter-examples to the Ganea conjecture on L-S category is a landmark in classical homotopy theory. Recently, he is also working on topological complexity which is a new L-S type invariant.

Organizers Daisuke Kishimoto (Kyoto), Katsuhiko Kuribayashi (Shinshu), Stephen Theriault (Southampton)

Supports JSPS KAKENHI (No. 26400094, K. Iriye; No. 25400087, D. Kishimoto; No. 25287008, K. Kuribayashi)

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Venue Room 110, Graduate School of Science Bldg. No.3, Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University
Campus map

Access There are two buses coming to the campus from Kyoto station through city centre.
no. 17 bound for Ginkakuji get off at Kyodai Nogakubu-mae
no. 206 bound for Kitaoji Bus Terminal get off at Hyakumanben
Note : both buses are circular, so please watch out the destination.
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Accommodation We will take care of booking a hotel for all speakers and will ask all other participants to book a hotel by themselves. Kyoto is one of the most touristic places in the world, so an early booking of a hotel is recommended. Here are some convenient hotels:
Daiwa Roynet Hotel        the b        CO-OP INN KYOTO
More hotels can be found at

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Registration The registration fee is 6000 JPY which covers the costs of conference materials and the conference dinner (August 28). Please pay it at the conference desk.
Note : the registration is closed.

A Hossein Abbaspour Université de Nantes
Toshiyuki Akita Hokkaido University
Yasuhiko Asao University of Tokyo
B Mahmoud Benkhalifa University of Sharjah
C Younggi Choi Seoul National University
Cristina Costoya Universidade da Coruña
Tyrone Cutler Universität Bielefeld
F Xin Fu University of Southampton
G Antonio Garvin Universidad de Málaga
Mark Grant University of Aberdeen
Jelena Grbić University of Southampton
H Tadayuki Haraguchi Naragakuen University
Sho Hasui University of Tsukuba
Yasumasa Hirashima
Ruizhi Huang Chinese Academy of Sciences
I Norio Iwase Kyushu University
K Shizuo Kaji Kyushu University
Masaki Kameko Shibaura Institute of Technology
Daisuke Kishimoto Kyoto University
Katsuhiko Kuribayashi Shinshu University
L Anssi Lahtinen University of Copenhagen
Damien Lejay IBS-CGP
Ran Levi University of Aberdeen
Abigail Linton University of Southampton
Yuxin Luo University of Rochester
M Ken-ichi Maruyama Chiba University
Mikiya Masuda Osaka City University
Takahiro Matsushita University of the Ryukyus
Ingrid Membrillo Solis University of Southampton
Luc Menichi Université d'Angers
Toshiyuki Miyauchi Fukuoka University
Mitsutaka Murayama
Aniceto Murillo Universidad de Málaga
N Takahito Naito Nippon Institute of Technology
Masaki Nakagawa Okayama University
Tetsu Nishimoto Kobe University of Welfare
Takefumi Nosaka Tokyo Inststitute of Technology
O Nobuyuki Oda Fukuoka University
Akihiro Ohsita Osaka University of Economics
Shingo Okuyama National Institute of Technology, Kagawa College
P Holly Paveling University of Southampton
Piotr Pstragowski Northwestern University
R Hari Rau-Murthy University of Notre Dame
S Osamu Saeki Kyushu University
Keiichi Sakai Shinshu University
Michihiro Sakai National Institute of Technology, Kurume College
Takao Sato Tokyo University of Science
Takashi Sato Osaka City University
Kazuhisa Shimakawa Okayamay University
Tse Leung So University of Southampton
Donald Stanley University of Regina
Jeffrey Strom Western Michigan University
T Masahiro Takeda Kyoto University
Dai Tamaki Shinshu University
Kohei Tanaka Shinshu University
Stephen Theriault University of Southampton
Takeshi Torii Okayama University
Shuichi Tsukuda University of the Ryukyus
Mitsunobu Tsutaya Kyushu University
W Shun Wakatsuki University of Tokyo
Jie Wu National University of Singapore
Y Tatsuhiko Yagasaki Kyoto Institute of Technology
Atsushi Yamaguchi Osaka Prefecture University
Kohhei Yamaguchi University of Electro-Communications
Toshihiro Yamaguchi Kochi University
Shoji Yokura Kagoshima University