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Free Boundary Problems and Nonlinear PDEs

-- A symposium dedicated to prof. Seiro Omata
on the occasion of his 60th birthday --

September 26 - 28, 2017
Hokkaido University



Pdf version with abstracts is available here.

September 26 (Tuesday)

13:15—13:30 Opening remarks
13:30—14:00 Masashi Misawa: Global existence and partial regularity for the p-harmonic flow
14:05—14:35 Koji Kikuchi: An evolution equation having a kind of "viscosity" term
14:40—15:10 Yoshihiko Yamaura: Local existence for gradient flows via a minimizing scheme
15:15—15:45 Coffee break
15:45—16:15 Masaki Kazama: Numerical simulation of casting process by particle method
16:20—17:00 Matej Medľa: The construction of 2D and 3D meshes using the surface evolution
17:05—17:45 Róbert Špir: Tracking of cells in early animal embryogenesis by PDEs methods of image processing and validation of the results


September 27 (Wednesday)

  9:30—10:00 Katsuyuki Ishii: Convergence of a threshold-type algorithm for curvature-dependent motion of hypersurface
10:05—10:45 Michal Kollár: Nonlinear diffusion filter influenced by the surface Laplacian of data
10:50—11:10 Coffee break
11:10—11:40 Masato Kimura: Hexagonal crystal growth model with singularities
11:45—12:15 Masaharu Nagayama: Mathematical analysis of the collective motion of camphor disks
12:15—13:50 Lunch
13:50—14:20 Ken'ichi Nakamura: Asymptotic stability of traveling waves for bistable lattice dynamical systems
14:25—14:55 Kenta Kobayashi: Error analysis of Lagrange interpolation on tetrahedrons
15:00—15:30 Norbert Požár: Singular limit of the porous medium equation with a drift
15:30—15:50 Coffee break
15:50—16:35 Mariano Giaquinta: Mathematics in social sciences: reflections on the theory of social choice and welfare
16:40— Seiro Omata: Free boundary problems of wave type
19:00— Banquet


September 28 (Thursday)

  9:30— 9:50 Karel Švadlenka: On hyperbolic mean curvture flow with junctions
  9:50—10:10 Elliott Ginder: A line mass approach to the modeling of interfacial active matter
10:10—10:40 Hitoshi Imai: Infinite-precision numerical simulation for fractional differential equations
10:40—11:00 Coffee break
11:00—11:30 Naoyuki Ishimura: Evolution of copulas and its application to the dependence relation between exchange rates
11:35—12:05 Yoshihiro Tonegawa: A time-global existence theorem for mean curvature flow
12:10— Closing remarks