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Fourth International ACCA-JP/UK Workshop

March 26 and 27, 2018
Kyoto University



(Pdf version with abstracts is available here.)

March 26 (Monday)

  9:45—10:15 Registration
10:15—10:30 Opening
10:30—11:00 Takamichi Sushida: Geometrical study of phyllotactic patterns by Bernoulli spiral lattices
11:00—11:30 Rhodri Nelson: Steadily rotating hollow vortex pairs
11:30—13:30 Lunch
Focus session
13:30—14:30 Plenary talk
Michio Jimbo: Integrals of motion, Bethe ansatz, and quantum toroidal algebras
14:30—14:45 Tea/Coffee Break
14:45—15:15 Bruno Carneiro da Cunha: The isomonodromic approach for constructing conformal maps
15:15—15:45 Oleg Lisovyi: Explicit representations of Painlevé functions
15:45—16:00 Tea/Coffee Break
16:00—16:30 Hajime Nagoya: On Fourier expansions of q-Painlevé tau functions
16:30—17:00 Tiago Anselmo da Silva: Schwarz-Christoffel accessory parameter via the isomonodromic tau function for Painlevé VI
18:00— Banquet


March 27 (Tuesday)

10:00—10:30 Samuel Brzezicki: The effect of shear-thinning on low-Reynolds-number swimming near walls
10:30—11:00 Yuuki Shimizu: Mathematical analysis of point vortex dynamics on surfaces
11:00—11:30 Jordan Hauge: New methods for diffusion-wave field theory
11:30—13:30 Lunch
13:30—14:00 Koya Sakakibara: Numerical analysis of point vortex dynamics by the method of fundamental solutions
14:00—14:30 Christopher Green: Using the Schottky-Klein prime function to compute harmonic measure distribution functions of a class of multiply connected planar domains
14:30—15:00 Takaaki Nara: Application of the Cauchy-Pompeiu formula for electrical property imaging
15:00—15:15 Closing