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IP, Ivan Chi-Ho (葉智皓)
BSc. (MATH&PHYS) (HKUST), MSc. MATH, MPhil. MATH, Ph.D. (Yale),
L.T.C.L.(Piano), A.mus.T.C.L.(Musical Theory)

Email: ivan.ip at math.kyoto-u.ac.jp

I am currently Assitant Professor in Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University

I was a Project Research at Kavli IPMU from 2012-2015.

My Ph.D. supervisor is Professor Igor. B. Frenkel.

Major Research Interests:

Representation theory of split real quantum groups, and its relations to modular double, quantum dilogarithms, multiplier Hopf algebra, quantum Teichmuller theory, quantum cluster algebra and canonical basis.

My Curriculum Vitae (May 2015)

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