QFract: A Qt-based fractal viewer

Now QFract is updated for Qt 6 (LGPL/Free). It is distributed under GNU GPL v2.

Source code is now available at GitHub.

Notice: I put all the plugins I have made. Some of them might be useless, and some of them are not compiled automatically from the source by simply execute make. Edit plugins/Makefile, or modify and use make.sh in the plugin directory to compile them. Some might even require additional file to compile.

Change Log

11/07/25 09/09/01 09/08/28 09/08/06 09/08/04 Major update! 01/7/23 01/7/16 01/6/21 01/6/19 01/6/18 01/6/15 01/6/14 01/6/13
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