Lectures in mathematics : Kyoto University

vol. 14

Lectures on harmonic analysis on Lie groups and related topics / edited by T. Hirai and G. Schiffman


Ando, S. Paley-Wiener type theorem for certain semi-direct product groups. 1
Eguchi, M. Some properties of Fourier transform on Riemannian symmetric spaces. 9
Fujiwara, H. Certain intertwinning operators for exponential groups. 45
Hashizume, M. Whittaker models for representations with highest weight 51
Hirai, T. Structure of unipotent orbits and Fourier transform of unipotent orbital integrals for semi-simple Lie groups. 75
Mamiuda, M. An integral representation of the Harish-Chandra series on SO_0(n,1). 139
Midorikawa, H. Clebsch-Gordan coefficiects for a tensor product representation Ad ⊗ π of a maximal compact subgroup of a real semi-simple Lie group.
Muta, Y. On the spherical functions with one dimensional K-type and the Paley-Wiener type theorem on some simple Lie groups. 177
Rubenthaler, H. Espaces prehomogenes de type parabolique. 189
Sano, S. The Plancherel formula for Sp(n,R). 223
Tatsuuma, N. A duality theorem for factor spaces. 261
Tsuchikawa, M. Tensor product for SL_2(k) and the Plancherel formula. 303
Yoshida, H. Weil's representation and Siegel's modular forms. 319

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