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J-Stack = Journal Stack (雑誌書架)
E-Stack A = Electric Stack A (電動区分 A)   E-Stack B = Electric Stack B (電動区分 B)
Journal Title Volumes Location Address
- U -
Ukrainian Mathematical Journal. <AA0087622X> 19-64 (1967-2012) E-Stack A 21.4.5
University of California Publications in Mathematics. New series. <SB00070030> 1 (1943-1951) E-Stack B 41.1.6
University of California Publications in Statistics. <SB04306168> 1-2 (1949-1958) E-Stack B 41.1.6
U.S.S.R. Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics. <SB00069990> 1-5, 8-30 (1962-1990) J-Stack 7.4.4
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